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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel pipe & fittings are available in Sch. 5, Sch 10, Sch 40 and Extra Heavy Duty.  Types of material are available in 304, 304L, 316 or 316L grade of Stainless Steel.  Flanges are available in plate, ANSI Class 150, 300 or angle face rings with backup flanges.

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel pipe is available in sizes from ½” to 108” diameter.  We offer all schedule's as well as standard wall or extra heavy duty and we have the capability of rolling plate to match whatever thickness or diameter your project requires.
Fitting are available is standard wall or fabricated mitered fittings.  We can provide re-enforcement for outlets such as re-pads or crotch plates when needed.
We stock a wide verity of Flanges such as AWWA C207 Class D, E and F, ANSI B16.5 Class 150 or Class 300.  We can also supply any type flanges that meet your requirements.

Misc Products Available

We offer several other fabricated produces for your use.  Listed below some items we fabricate but are not limit to:

Air Vents
Orifice Plates
Pipe Support
Pipe Straps
Pump Cans
Specialty Fittings:  Crosses, Tees, Offsets, Tangential Outlets, Reducer and Elbows.

All products listed above are available in different types of metals:  Galvanized, Carbon, Stainless and a wide variety of specialty metals.

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Lonestar Pipe offers Cad Drawings, Design Calculation or other types of engineering requirement your project requires.  We have vast knowledge of pipe layout and versatility to assist your field personnel in installation and cost savings.

Lonestar Pipe offers a wide range of coatings and linings.

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